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The scoop on protein

Introduction So, there’s a lot of confusion and food fear mongering among protein sources (like all foods). “Meat is unhealthy!” “Too much protein is bad for your kidneys!” “You can’t get enough protein to build muscle from a vegan diet!” Bro, what?! Is all this true? Well, I’ll sort out a few topics for you […]

The “Growth Mindset”; Psychology to success

The “Growth Mindset”; Psychology to success Who are you? As an individual, you are the product of three things: your genetics, your environment (community, culture & relationships), and your thoughts & choices. Now, this looks like common sense on the surface but looking beyond the surface of those things we can see how we are […]

Quarantine Crazy: Can you make gains with home workouts?

Intro: A short bid for optimism The world is in a state of unrest currently. The novel Coronavirus COVID-19 has spread from China and has posed such a risk that has now been labeled by the WHO as a pandemic. Currently, gyms are closing, people are at home, out of work, out of school, and […]

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