My profile photo as a member of the University of Guyana’s Pharmacy Student’s Association.

Warren English – A hobbyist bodybuilder/Coach/Bsc. Pharmacy Student.

I aim to provide unbiased information with integrity to the best of my ability to promote fitness, health and well-being.

I’m a Personal fitness trainer (NASM certified) who has now moved online and am aiming to build my client base in the USA. This website acts primarily as a means for potential clients to contact me and access the information I share. However, it’s purpose goes beyond that.

I come from the Caribbean, where I am graduating with a Bsc. in Pharmacy (University of Guyana). In the Caribbean things are still emerging out of the age of folk medicine and home remedies. From my perspective this is due to (but not limited to) low socioeconomic statuses, poor health literacy and, in my opinion, a lagging education system. I aim that through this website I can also inspire my people to move on from this through critical thinking and curiosity.

As a coach I’ve been successful with a number of individuals thus far and I am looking forward to helping more people achieve their success.

A recent client success.

I myself am very experienced with fitness, diet and bodybuilding competition. I’ve competed 4 times achieving 1st and 2nd place title s at 3 of my 4 contests. I’ve done all this while being a full time student, as a matter of fact. Having done that, it isn’t something I would recommend, haha! However, the experience has allowed me to empathize with clients as the going gets tough.

My own personal transformation over the years.
My progression in the front double bicep pose.

When you work with me you can expect:

  • Guidance based on the latest scientific evidence and my own personal experience.
  • Individualization of your programming based on your circumstances.
  • A coach who understands. Many clients have come to fear trainers and coaches due to the “do as I say!” culture. Do not expect that with me. While I certainly will encourage, motivate and make appropriate recommendations, your progression is in your hands.
  • If you opt for my vigorgains program option, you have an entire team dedicated to your goals with an app that makes everything easy for you.