Welcome to the team!

You are now on the path to earning the prestigious title of a Fit Phreak! The video below below outlines all the steps necessary to earn the title.

Being a Fit Phreak is no simple task. However, if you’ve come this far I know you have what it takes.

What People Say

The WE Phit Team has changed my body and my life! I now have the knowledge and confidence to set a plan and crush my goals!

Kyeshaun Christopher

It was a long and hard journey for me, but Warren was so patient and empathetic.

He truly cares for his clients and he inspired me to pursue my fitness training and nutrition coaching certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Deon Sagala

Warren is truly an amazing coach!

He has guided me through a crazy transformation while giving me the greatest mindset bombs I’ve ever had!

Vincent Hebert

Let’s build something together.