Welcome to the ALPHA 🐺team

Here are some things you’ll need to be 100% successful in this program:

  1. A bodyweight scale
  2. A food scale
  3. A food tracking app (MyfitnessPal or FitBit)
  4. A good quality camera (phone camera is good)
  5. A phone to download and use the custom app
  6. A desire to be a better version of yourself!

When you start the program everything you need will be on the interface and on your “DASH” you will be able to see everything scheduled for the day. Your calendar would give you all the details of what is required of you for a given 4-week program.

Body stats

These are important to keep track of your biometric progress. Missing data limits the ability of the coach to properly prescribe and guide you to your goals.

  1. It is a DAILY requirement for you to track your bodyweight. The ideal time for this is straight out of bed after you have used the bathroom.
  2. It is also required you to take full body measurements at the start of your program and 4-week intervals thereafter.
    • Chest measurement
    • Neck measurments
    • Waist measurement
    • Hip measurement
    • Both Thigh measurements
    • Both bicep measurements
    • Both calf measurements

Progress photos

These are important to keep track of your visual progress. They must be taken in a well-lit area and are required for every client, but you are only obliged to show as much as you feel comfortable.

  1. 3 photos are required
    • From the front
    • From the back
    • From the side

By default, progress pictures will be scheduled for Saturdays or Sundays but if another day of the week is better for you to consistently get them done, communicate with me and we’ll make the relevant adjustments to your calendar.


This will be outlined for you in complete detail. You are expected to adhere to the program completely, and if you have any concerns leave a comment after the workout or directly contact your coach.

Billing details

All billing is fulfilled through stripe and it is made as a one-time payment unless you were informed of, and agreed to, recurrent billing.

Billing cycles go in 3 or 6-month intervals. If you start a program on the 8th of January, your next bill will be due on April 8th or July 8th for the 3 and 6-month programs respectively.


We do offer a money-back guarantee, where if you are able to follow the program completely (training and nutrition data all available) and fail to see results you will receive your entire payment back. Therefore, refunds are only given on a case-by-case basis and under no other circumstance but this.